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The Collaborative International Dictionary

malty \malt"y\, a. Containing, or like, malt.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1817, from malt (n.) + -y (2).


a. Of, pertaining to, containing, or characteristic of malt

Usage examples of "malty".

And of course she prized the malty, creaturely tang that issued from between her legs.

He had eaten a pint of winkles and drunk several glasses of warm, malty beer, and he was pressed up against Nora Dempster, a pleasant person to be squashed by.

Suddenly a section of brickwork shifted, and torchlight shone through, and the girls caught a familiar malty smell and knew where they must be.

Thenceforth for some weeks backward and forward rush mysterious men with no names, who fly about all those particular parts of the country on which Doodle is at present throwing himself in an auriferous and malty shower, but who are merely persons of a restless disposition and never do anything anywhere.

I was a Son of Malty and a member of several other Temperance Societies, and my wife she was a Dawter of Malty, an I sposed these fax would secoor me the infloonz and pertectiun of all the fust families.

A half-empty bottle of a popular brand of beer stood next to her elbow, the malty scent of it strong in his nostrils.

More beer jetted from developing cracks in the trunk of their hiding place, filling the air with its malty fragrance.

Both women laughed, and drank more of the malty home brew-Winthrop's virgil cheeped, and she pulled it from where it was clipped onto her belt.

The beer, foaming in the drain basket, produced a malty perfume that at once masked the faint smell of the hot wax from the candles on the table.