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Malte is a male given name that is mainly used in Denmark, Sweden and Germany, which is from Old Danish Malti. It originated from Helmhold / Helmwald ("helmet-govern") or from former Low German and Old Danish short form of Old German names beginning with Mahal- "assembly". It described the advisor of the Thing (assembly).

It may refer to:

  • Malte Burba (born 1957), German musician
  • Malte-Conrad Bruun (1755–1826), Danish-French geographer
  • Malte Ludin (born 1942), German filmmaker
  • Malte Urban (born 1974), German bicyclist
  • The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge, novel by Rainer Maria Rilke
  • Malte Persson (born 1976), Swedish author

It is also the French name of Malta.

Usage examples of "malte".

It replaces the diastase of malted grain and also the yeast of a European brewery.

But the flavour of whiskey, which is made from barley and oats, is owing to the malted grain being dried with peat, the smoke of which gives it the characteristic taste.

Observations on Malted and UnMalted Corn, connected with Brewing and Distilling, p.

So I drank and ate three malted milk tablets and a salt tablet, then had another drink.

It has been contended, and apparently with much reason, that if the use of substitutes were prohibited this would not lead to an increased use of domestic barley, inasmuch as the supply of home barley suitable for malting purposes is of a limited nature.

Usually this basin would be placed close to the wall, just below the malting and drying room in the attic.

If the household was big enough to have a room set aside for brewing, this might well be the sole room in the house with a floor covered with stone or tiles, just so the malting could take place there.