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Maloof is a Lebanese family name. It may refer to:

  • Maloof (Arabic:معلوف ), the family surname written as Maalouf (with alternate spellings: Maloof, Malouf, Maluf; Malluf)
  • Sam Maloof (1916–2009), American furniture craftsman
  • Maloof Canola, a character from the videogame Psychonauts
  • Maloof family, American family owning multiple businesses, hotels, casinos, and the NBA/WNBA franchises of the Sacramento Kings and Sacramento Monarchs
    • George J. Maloof, Sr. (1925–1980), patriarch of the Maloof family
    • George J. Maloof, Jr. (b. 1964), billionaire son of George J. Maloof, Sr.
    • Maloof Productions, entertainment company owned by the family
    • Maloof Music, record label owned by the entertainment company