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Maloo may refer to:

  • HSV Maloo, a car
  • Kurt Maloo, Swiss musician
  • Vinay Maloo, Indian businessman

Usage examples of "maloo".

Harlem as Cindee Maloo stomped her size-five Timberland all-terrain boot on the potholed street.

The accent was Australian, which was no surprise since Cindee Maloo herself was Australian.

Remo said to the doctor after Cindee Maloo and her Winner crew were gone.

A sheepish Cindee Maloo rose into view from behind the shattered wall.

Cindee Maloo had let it slip that one of the Winner contestants had been killed during the mob action the previous night.

BLOCKS OVER, on the vacant lots that were home to the current season of Winner, Cindee Maloo sat alone in a gloomy production trailer.

Harlem trailer, the images Cindee Maloo had beamed into the heavens were already being scrutinized on the other side of the world.

It skipped off of Cindee Maloo, cutting back to the point where the stranger was walking along the street.

Shanghai, and went over that city from the Bund and the Maloo to the narrowest street in the native quarter.