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n. (plural of mall English)

Usage examples of "malls".

It screwed up their plans to turn the marshes and wet prairies of southwest Broward into a vast panorama of cheesy condos, strip malls and high-density housing developments.

Their groveling allegiance to developers is best manifested along a two-mile segment of University Drive in Plantation, where there are now no less than five malls and shopping centers.

The dirt bike-path Hiaasen and his friends rode into the swamp, where they camped and caught water moccasins, is now University Drive, nine shopping malls lining the same route they once took.

True, cocaine is more plentiful now than in the summer of 1979, but at least the malls and highways are a little safer.

All over South Florida, shopping malls are in trouble for the simple reason that there are too many of them.

Every day, more than 300 acres of green space are paved for shopping malls and subdivisions.

There were shopping malls and fast-food places and stores that sold cutesy crap.

Ahead, the highway ran straight through a seemingly endless expanse of shopping malls and reticulated lawns.

They were typical of those he had seen in countless malls -- an assortment of shoe stores and clothing stores, interspersed with occasional specialty shops.

This means that, on a domestic vacation, you are never far from the convenience of American culture in the form of malls, motels, Chicken McNuggets, Charming Bathroom Tissue, car window suction-cup Garfield dolls, lawyers, etc.