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Malla (India)

Malla was one of the republics of ancient India that constituted the mahajanapadas. The republic is notable for being the chosen death place of Mahavira and Gautam Buddha.

Malla (Nepal)

The Malla Dynasty was a ruling dynasty of Nepal c. 1201–1769. It was during their reign that the people living in and around the Kathmandu Valley began to be called " Newars" (or Nepa:mi in Nepal Bhasa, meaning citizens of Nepal). The Mallas were the ruling clan of the Malla Mahajanapada. They have claimed Kshatriya status themselves. The Mallas (literally "wrestlers" in Sanskrit) and their name can be found in the Mahabharata and in Buddhist literature. The first of the Malla kings came to power in Kathmandu Valley around 1200. The Malla period was a golden one that stretched over 600 years, though it was peppered with fighting over the valuable trade routes to Tibet.


Malla may refer to:

  • Malla (India), an ancient dynasty in India, one of the sixteen Mahajanapadas
  • Malla (Nepal), a dynasty in Nepal
  • Khasa Malla dynasty of Nepal
  • Malla, Barcelona, a municipality in Catalonia
  • Malla, Estonia, a village in Estonia
  • Mallabhum, a former kingdom in West Bengal
  • Malla or Magdalena Rudenschöld, a Swedish conspirator
  • Malla Silfverstolpe, a Swedish salon hostess
  • Malla - People who practicing Malla-yuddha, Indian wrestling
  • Mallana, a Telugu hero who is adorned as a god by Hindus
  • Mallanga ( Vatsyayana), the compose of the Kama Sutra
  • Malla (film), a 2004 Kannada film
Malla (film)

Malla is a 2004 Indian Kannada romance - action film written, directed, composed and enacted by V. Ravichandran in dual roles. The film also stars Priyanka Upendra and Mohan Shankar in the lead roles. The film was produced by Ramu for his home banner Ramu Enterprises making his the first team up with Ravichandran.

The film found a widespread release across Karnataka state on 27 February 2004 and was declared a blockbuster at the box-office. However it received mixed response by the critics who claimed that the film highlights the unwanted intimacy scenes between the lead pair. The film is also reportedly the first to introduce the famous Kerala based traditional art Kalarippayattu in Kannada cinema. The stunt master K. D. Venkatesh was awarded in special category at the Karnataka State Film Awards for the year 2004.