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n. 1 (context Scotland slang English) A beating. 2 (context Scotland slang English) A murder. vb. 1 (context Scotland slang English) To physically assault. 2 (context Scotland slang English) To murder.


Malky may refer to:

  • Malky (Dune), fictional character in novel God Emperor of Dune
  • Malky, shortening of Malcolm (given name)
  • Malky / Malkie - slang term originating from Glasgow & the West coast of Scotland, used to describe slashing someone with an open razor. Comes from the rhyming slang Malcom (Malky) Fraser (Razor)

Usage examples of "malky".

Below the hill, the necklace of the Thousand Lakes spread through the city of Malkier, reflecting the cloud-brushing Seven Towers, with Golden Crane banners flying at their heights in the mists.

They talked awkwardly until Malky upset the bowl of vegetable stock, and that made them both laugh.