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n. (plural of mali English) vb. (inflection of mālō 2 s pres actv subj Latin)

Usage examples of "malis".

Because of the Khieus standing in the royal circle, Malis practised every Thursday in the Chai Chhaya, the moon shadow pavilion within the splendid palace She was part of the Royal Cambodian Ballet.

The man picked Malis up in his arms and gently placed her in the centre of the bed.

His hand began to throb just as it did during the nightmares of Malis that robbed him of sleep.

And Malis touching herself, spreading those magnificent legs, opening her secret folds in the ultimate intimacy of that still and clinging semi-darkness.

Sok was filled with the sight of Malis, her superbly controlled fingers dancing, whispering their poetic tale of vengeful gods, frightful demons and lost love.

In the manner in which she held herself, in her long neck, the tilt of her head, the bearing of her shoulders and her hips, in her long legs and, most of all, her dancer's stance, the echoes of Malis seemed to fill him like the rising hoofbeats of an army of horses.

He had a grip on her that Malis could not break though she would not give up trying.

The blade whooshed down towards Malis and the Yuan moved the hand holding her so that he had her around the throat.

And so, too his guilt at leaving Malis, the young brother and sister he had hardly known, to follow Sam.

But a traitor by the name of Ephialtes who knew the little byways of Malis guided a regiment of Persians through the hills and made it possible for them to attack Leonidas in the rear.