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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Malic \Ma"lic\, a. [L. malum an apple: cf. F. malique.] (Chem.) Pertaining to, or obtained from, apples; as, malic acid.

Malic acid, (Chem.) a hydroxy acid ( HO.CO.CH2.CH(OH).CO.OH) obtained from unripe fruit (such as green apples, currants, tomatoes or cherries) as a substance which is sirupy or crystallized with difficulty, and has a strong but pleasant sour taste. It is levorotatory or dextrorotatory according to the temperature and concentration; the natural form is of L- conformation. A synthetic variety is a derivative of succinic acid, but as with most simple synthetic compounds, is a racemic mixture of isomers and thus has no rotatory action on polarized light.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1797, from French malique (18c.), from Latin malum "apple" (the acid, discovered 1785 by Scheele, was obtained from unripe apples and other fruits), from Greek melon (Doric malon) "apple," probably from a pre-Greek Mediterranean language. The Latin and Greek words also meant "fruit" generally, especially if exotic.


a. 1 Pertaining to apples. 2 (context organic chemistry English) Of or pertaining to malic acid or its derivatives.


Malic can refer to:

  • Malíč, village in the Czech Republic.
  • Malić, mountain in Serbia
  • Malic acid, an organic compound
  • Gruban Malić, a fictional character
  • Nedeljko Malić, Bosnian footballer

Usage examples of "malic".

The thick leaves contain an abundant acidulous astringent juice, which is mucilaginous, and affords malic acid, identical with that of the Apple.

This time, Malic had decided to lay out a buffet of Ferengi food in deference to both negotiators, with some other food for those, like Bajorans and Orions, who pre-ferred blander fare.

All apples contain a varying amount of the organic acids, malic acid and gallic acid, and an abundance of salts of both potash and soda, as well as salts of lime, magnesium, and iron.

Malic acid induces inflection, whilst the three other just named vegetable acids have no such power.

In a flash I knew that if I added malic acid to the mercury - per chloride of mercury or corrosive sublimate - I would have calomel or subchloride of mercury, the only thing that would switch the poison out of my system and Mrs.