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n. (plural of male English)

Usage examples of "males".

Crystals were stolen, from the time my clan-sisters the Hosta were taken by males of Ranistard, from the time I, myself, was claimed by the male Ceralt-or the time I was chosen by Mida and dread Sigurr, dark god of males, to stand in their names and see their will done?

My sisters of the Hosta she had allowed to be taken by the males of Ranistard as mates so that Jalav alone would be left to lead all of the other clans of Midanna, unprejudiced in this leadership through the absence of all other Hosta.

My pain remained great that the Hosta might not be freed of their bondage to males till the strangers had been seen to, the strangers who would come from the skies to touch our lives with the power of their wills.

Had we true need of evil, there was little need to look further for it than he called Sigurr, dark god males were fond of cursing by.

Sigurr knew naught of these designs of Mida, also knowing naught of the hatred for males which Mida had sought to breed in me by placing me in the capture of males, theirs to do with as they pleased.

Much did the males weep with their failure, so badly in need were they, yet they dared not touch me while my desire failed to be a match to theirs.

Again the males wept, the strain upon their flesh made more evident by the position they had been commanded to, and then had Mida appeared in her golden mists, to laugh with great delight at that which I had done to the males.

Had there been aught within the males to recall to them their lost strength, surely being shamed and denied so would have brought it forth to battle the fear laid upon them.

The males remained slaves, Mida felt pleased, and I-I continued with that which I was destined to do.

Mida had appeared to Rilas, Keeper of our clans of the Midanna, in a dream speaking to her of the need to bring the Midanna to the land of males, there to do the work which would be given into their hands.

My warriors and I had paused behind the last of these slopes before a hand of us had continued on to the city, leaving behind twenty hands of Midanna and four hands of captured males, one of whom had been Ceralt.

I could not have shown my true interest in the males without endangering them all, yet I had watched their departure from a distance, openly in the sight of Mida, my left hand caressing the hilt of the sword she had given me.

A full nine clans have come to battle the males, yet Rilas knows not where the battle is to begin.

Much ill was brought to my sisters by such doing, and now they lie as prisoners to the strength of males, used by them, beaten by them, filled with their seed so that nearly all are with child.

The sight of Jalav finds great favor in the eyes of males, yet the doings of Jalav do not find equal favor.