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Maler may refer to:

People with the given name Maler:

  • Hans Maler zu Schwaz (1480/1488–1526/1529), German painter
  • Maler Müller (1749–1825), German poet, dramatist, and painter

People with the surname Maler:

  • Eva Maler (born 1988), German playwright
  • Jim Maler (born 1958), American baseball player
  • Katarzyna Maler, Polish historian
  • Teoberto Maler (1842–1917), German archaeologist

Usage examples of "maler".

Richard Garrison and Vicki Maler belonged to a gentleman from Genoa named Paulo Palazzi.

A pencil beam within the globe shone outwards upon Rhodes, its center the village where Garrison and Vicki Maler were staying.

Vicki Maler lay stretched out on her back, Palazzi found himself glancing across the room at the sleeping form of her lover.

Vicki Maler to life, cleansed her of her disease, gave her back her sight.

Vicki Maler took his great silver Mercedes to pick him up, but from the moment she parked the car and got out of the driving seat she knew something was wrong.

Garrison had asked that Vicki Maler be picked up and brought to him, for her safety.

He went to snatch Vicki Maler from her bed and was surprised at her weight.

Vicki Maler in her blanket still balanced on his shoulder, Stone stumbled and went to one knee.

Mohre knows that Maler is an officer of the Stasi, and also knows him.

Mathis der Maler -- praying for the blonde me to shut up and sit down.

I stayed at home and cranked up my stereo, Mathis der Maler again, in a desperate attempt to drown out the faintest whisper of any echoes.

Und sieh, dort faehrt ein grosser Maler mit seiner Geliebten in einem Wagen die Ludwigstrasse hinauf.

Brunhilda Maler, the washerwoman those other dead crooks had holed up with down by the creek.

And with Garrison apparently on the run, finally Gubwa kidnapped Vicki Maler and took her to his subterranean headquarters deep beneath London.

Castle, captive along with Vicki Maler, Gubwa also held Phillip Stone, an agent of M16.