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The Collaborative International Dictionary

malar \ma"lar\, n. (Anat.) The cheek bone, which forms a part of the lower edge of the orbit; that arch of bone beneath the eye that forms the prominence of the cheek; also called the malar bone.

Syn: cheekbone, zygomatic bone, malar bone, jugal bone, os zygomaticum.


a. Pertaining to the cheek. n. (context anatomy English) The cheekbone, which forms a part of the lower edge of the orbit.


Malar may refer to:

Malar (Forgotten Realms)

Malar is the Faerûnian deity of the hunt, evil lycanthropes (werecreatures), and bestial savagery and bloodlust in Ed Greenwood's Forgotten Realms fictional world of Abeir-Toril for the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game. His dogma, such as it is, concerns savage hunts (often of sapient, humanoid prey), the spreading of the curse of lycanthropy (primarily of the werewolf variety), and general contempt for civilization.

Usage examples of "malar".

Dash reached out and took the reins from the tree branch where they were tied, and Malar yanked out some more hairs.

Moving slowly, Malar inserted the noose of horsehair into the water, behind the fish.

Huddled under their blankets, Jimmy and Dash stayed close together while Malar took the first watch.

Then he was past them, moving away from his brother and Malar, and die chase was on.

If Jimmy and Malar had stayed clear of pursuit, they would be approaching the city several miles to the south.

Hard-looking men lounged near fires, watching guardedly as Jimmy and Malar moved past.

He ducked into the alley without waiting to see if he was being watched, and heard Malar follow.

Jimmy and Malar hunkered down, fading into the darkness between the walls.

He led Malar into the rear of the old inn, having to carefully pick his way across a section of timbers, what was left from a collapsed doorway and wall section, as well as part of the ceiling above.

Then Malar shielded his eyes as a small spark was struck, blindingly bright after the long time spent in the dark.

Jimmy removed it, Malar heard what Jimmy had, men moving cautiously down another tunnel, nearby.

Jimmy fought for balance a moment, but Malar kept his motion steady, and Jimmy kept his position as he grabbed a support in the floor above him to keep from falling.

He opened it and found Malar Enares standing there, holding a tray upon which rested a bottle of brandy and two crystal goblets.

Krondorian patrol, who turned northward, while Jimmy and Malar continued southwest.

He had ordered die other ten men to accompany him in his pursuit of Malar, and he knew die spy had only one possible destination.