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Malakas (; ) is a Greek slang word. Malakas is an exceptionally versatile word. The meaning varies depending on the tone and context used. It can be an exclamation of pleasure, an expression of dark horror, a cry of anger, a paean of affection, and other different things besides its literal equivalent, which in British English is " wanker". Common alternative meanings include " asshole" or "jerk", and the contrasting " dude", or "mate", depending on the context. It derives from the Greek word malakos , which means "soft" or "spoilt, well-used to luxuries of life". It is one of the most frequent words picked up by tourists (often in its vocative case form, i.e. malaka /ma.'la.ka/) and travellers to Greece and is not unusual amongst the younger Greek diaspora, even when the level of Greek is low. A female form of the word exists, malako , but is a recent coinage, whereas malakismeni seems to be rather more vintage.