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Should he call, every Duke from Malacs Cross to Crydee would respond, with their garrisons and levies.

It would be a three weeks ride over the mountains and past the marshes of Darkmoor, past Malacs Crossthe dividing point between the western and eastern realmsand on to Salador.

He was a good man, an innkeeper on the road from Malacs Cross to Durronys Vale.

Upon his signature alone he could call up the garrisons at Durronys Vale and Malacs Cross.

They had been two days in the hills and needed to rest their mounts before journeying over the grasslands to Malacs Cross.

Weve had three sizeable border skirmishes between barons in the East - not anything to have Lyam send out his own army, but enough to make everyone east of Malacs Cross nervous.

We shall stand at Sethanon, but if you value your skin, Id ride past the city and make for Malacs Cross.

More messages had been sent, by pigeon and riders, to the garrisons at Malacs Cross, Silden, and Darkmoor, against the possibility of the other messages not reaching those commanders.

And Im sure their scouts saw the dust from the southwest, where the soldiers from Darkmoor are marching beside those from Malacs Cross, followed by Gardans regiments from Krondor.

In any event, he has decided, or rather the Ishapian Temple in Rillanon has decided, that a school is to be built here, in Malacs Cross, the centre of the Kingdom, and that young nobles are to attend.

The road from Malacs Cross to Silden was far less travelled than the Kings Highway to Salador, but it was a more direct route.

James, Im worried about something and Ive been meaning to talk to you about it since we left Malacs Cross.

We were on our way to Romney and when we were in Malacs Cross an old woman thought I was you.

It was chance of a sort, though I had heard your name down in Malacs Cross, as a few people seemed to think I was you.

He travels the roads between Malacs Cross and here, stopping in at Silden each way.