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Etymology 1 n. (context only in set phrases English) illness, affliction. Etymology 2

n. (context surfing English) A longboard (type of surfboard).


MAL or Mal may refer to:

MAL (gene)

Myelin and lymphocyte protein is a protein that in humans is encoded by the MAL gene.

Mal (Vidhan Sabha constituency)

Mal (Vidhan Sabha constituency) is an assembly constituency in Jalpaiguri district in the Indian state of West Bengal. The seat is reserved for scheduled tribes.

Mal (caste)

The Mal are a Hindu caste found in the state of West Bengal & Jharkhand.They are also known as the Mal/Malla Kshatriya. Mal, Mall & Malla are derived from the Sanskrit word malla, meaning wrestler.

Paharia Mal or Mal Paharia is considered as Scheduled Tribe while the other Mal groups are considered as Scheduled Castes by the Government of West Bengal.

Mal (community development block)

Mal (community development block) is an administrative division in Malbazar subdivision of Jalpaiguri district in the Indian state of West Bengal. Mal police station serves this block. Headquarters of this block is at Malbazar.

Mal (name)

Mal is a given name, a nickname (most often associated with the given name Malcolm) and a surname. People so named include:

Usage examples of "mal".

I suspect so, but then the french took over the Spanish throne and someone must have been wondering where ather Mal Ion could be more usefully employed, and I suspect Father Mallon pleaded with his french masters to be employed against the real enemy.

Para mejor efectuar su negocio, a los 11 de Junio de 1606 estando en la baya, que beniamos de una isla que estaba cerca, bino a las ocho de la noche el viento Sul algo fresco, conque los amotinados pusieron por hobra su mal intento, y siendo de noche, y lejos de nosotros alsaron en popa, sin berlo ese hablador por estar en su camara de popa.

As Mal was dealing with the dalesman, the mercenary snatched the wineskin from his hand.

Mal and Magnus grabbed his shoulders and laughed with relief as Isak, Dita, and Yerik looked on.

Elle perce mal les feuillages denses des pruniers et le cantonnement immobile reste sombre.

Nicolazic, obsede par une idee fixe, alla trouver le recteur de Pluneret, qui le recut fort mal et le renvoya rudement a son seigle et a ses betes.

The rumor flew by that Mal and Olen were perhaps still alive, and somehow responsible for the blast.

Mal and Olen were perhaps still alive, and somehow responsible for the blast.

Fizeram-me entrar na alcova, onde ele jazia estirado na cama, mal coberto por uma colcha de retalhos.

United States who by the end of their three-year program were so familiar with the management of pediatric grand mal seizures.

Leaving Zembac Pix in charge of gun and crew, Mal set off to scout out the land, with a particular emphasis on hills.

Zembac Pix went forth and fro and by and by caught up with Mal and Mog and Crew where they were encamped on a threshing-floor.

Clint had tended, in his previous dealings with Mal, to regard him as an affable plonker obliged to earn a living with his fists.

Ich kann heute noch ihre Augen sehen, wie sie diese Puppe zum ersten Mal erblickte.

For all Mal knew, Fred had been riped many times, with the person he really was having lived a hundred or more years ago.