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Makri (Nissos Makri) is a Greek island, one of the Echinades, in the Ionian Islands group. It is located on the far southeast side of the Gulf of Makri close to the mouth of the Acheloos river. It is administered by the municipality of Ithaca and is east of the island. , it had no resident population. Strabo, and most modern writers, identify Dulichium, from which Homer reports that Meges, son of Phyleus, led 40 ships to Troy, with the island of Makri.

The island is roughly long and at its widest. It has an area of roughly and an estimate coastline of in length. Made up of 2 hills linked by an isthmus, there is also a small islet at its southeastern corner. Recently it was put on the market, with the possibility for resort development and consideration for a 5* hotel and luxurious private villas to be built. Its value is unknown but it is hoped that it will reach a similar value to the close by island of Oxia which was recently sold to Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, the emir of Qatar, for €4.9M