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n. (plural of maki English)


Makiš ( Serbian Cyrillic: Макиш) is a forest and an urban neighborhood of Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. It is located in Belgrade's municipality of Čukarica.

Makiš is bordered by the Sava river and Sava Lake to the west and north, Čukarica and Čukarička Padina to the northeast, Julino Brdo, Žarkovo, Bele Vode and Rupčine to the east, Železnik to the south and Ostružnica to the southwest.

For the most part, Makiš is a marshy forest, crossed by many small streams and canals, most notably the Marevica (Cyrillic: Маревица). Northern part is known as Jedek (Cyrillic: Једек), western as Asčinica (Cyrillic: Ашчиница) and central as Veliko Okno (Cyrillic: Велико Окно).

Makiš is for the most part non-residential (it had a population of only 1,379 in 2002), but important for the city industry and transportation. Major roads of Obrenovački drum and Savska magistrala cross through the area, marking western and eastern borders of the neighborhood. The railway also passes on the eastern border were the Makiš marshalling yard, largest one in south-east Europe, is located. The central facilities (including the water factory) of the Belgrade waterworks are located in Makiš, so as many gravel digging and cement plant on the bank of the Sava river.

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