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n. (plural of make English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: make)

Usage examples of "makes".

In a few minutes, Adjutant Minolto, the same who had brought me the order to put myself under arrest, makes his appearance.

The doctors have stuffed me with remedies which have had no effect: It makes me very unhappy, for singing was the one thing that made me cling to life.

For the first time I felt that kind of happiness which makes forgiveness compulsory upon the being who enjoys it, and causes him to forget all previous unpleasantness.

Man has in himself a moral force of action which always makes him overstep the line on which he is standing.

My story makes him laugh, although he observes that it is hardly credible.

I address him in Italian, and he answers very wittily, but his way of speaking makes me smile, and I tell him why.

When their knavery is found out people turn it into a joke and laugh, but in the midst of the merriment another mountebank makes his appearance, who does something more wonderful than those who preceded him, and he makes his fortune, whilst the scoffing of the people is in abeyance.

I should be right if I complained of her also, because she makes me feel that she is the mistress of my lover, and she shews me that, after seducing him from me, she gives him back to me without difficulty.

He ought to look upon the wretch who awakens him as a guard who deprives him of his liberty, and makes him feel his misery once more, since, awakening, he feels all his former woes.

Most likely she meant to prove that she loved you for your own sake, that your happiness makes her happy, and that she is not jealous of her best friend being her rival.

I replied to all the questions that a fond mother makes concerning her son, and then took leave of the worthy lady.

She seems vexed at my want of excitement, and, throwing off everything which makes the heat unpleasant and interferes with our pleasure, she bounds upon me.

Montmartel, whom secret history makes the father of Madame de Pompadour, for he was the lover of Madame Poisson at the same time as M.

It is an understood thing in Russia that one who plays on credit and loses may pay or not pay as he wishes, and the winner only makes himself ridiculous by reminding the loser of his debt.

The poor wretches shared my unhappy condition, but they were used to it, and that makes all the difference.