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Makan (TV series)

Makan ( (English: Home a Heaven) is a TV serial, which was broadcast on GEO TV. The serial is directed by Kamran Qureshi, written by Bushra Ansari and produced by Humayun Saeed and Abdullah Kadwani's production house 7th Sky Entertainment. The story based on extramarital affairs, the dignity of family relations and has the essence of the realities of life.

Usage examples of "makan".

The Takla Makan was so dry that he couldn't even test out if Lucilius had been right in comparing it to Trachonitis, where birds fell dead when a serpent crossed their shadows.

And the most priceless of the drivers' hopes was the least likely: that somewhere in the midst of the Takla Makan, in the deepest, most cruel heart of the waste lay an oasis in which a crystal spring bubbled forever.

Ordinarily, caravans turned north at Kashgar to Aksu, Kucha, and Turpan, nestled in the shadows of the distant Heavenly Hills, or south to Khotan, into Hind past the lower lip of the devouring Takla Makan Shamo.

He had been in many deserts-the Sahara, the Takla Makan, the Kalahari-and all of them had their mysteries.

His thoughts returned to the Takla Makan and the smoky fires of camel dung and movements in the night.

He had explored many ruins in Egypt, Tibet, the Takla Makan, and in India.

He had been in many deserts—the Sahara, the Takla Makan, the Kalahari—and all of them had their mysteries.

One fragment became the Megalithics, another the Kingdom of Meluhha, yet others Egypt, Makan, Ubaid, and Dilmun.

The several highly advanced cultures around the Arabian peninsula and India—Dilmun, Makan, and Meluhha, of which we have archaeological record—were blocked from it by the huge mass of Africa.