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alt. (context Wearside English) to make vb. (context Wearside English) to make


Mak may refer to:

  • Mak Dizdar (1917 - 1971), Bosnian poet
  • Muhammad Arshad Khan, Pakistani painter popularly known as "MAK"
  • Alice Mak, Chinese cartoonist and creator of McMug/McDull
  • Geert Mak, Dutch journalist, historian, and author
  • Róbert Mak, Slovak football player
  • The Cantonese Chinese pronunciation and transcription of Mai (Chinese surname)
  • Mak, Kardzhali Province, village in Bulgaria
  • Mak, Masovian Voivodeship, village in Poland
  • Museum_of_Applied_Arts,_Vienna, Museum in Vienna Austria
  • The Mak language of Guizhou, China
  • The Mak language of Nigeria
  • Ma. K., abbreviation for the science-fiction universe Maschinen Krieger ZbV 3000
  • Maksutov telescope, catadioptric telescope invented by Dmitri Maksutov
  • MaK ( Maschinenbau Kiel), German engineering firm in Kiel
  • Mouvement pour l'Autonomie de la Kabylie, Kabyle (Berber) political movement seeking self-government rule in Algeria
MAK (gene)

Serine/threonine-protein kinase MAK is an enzyme that in humans is encoded by the MAK gene.

Usage examples of "mak".

Wi mi scanty, hard won meal, One thowt still shall mak me glad, Thankful that alone aw feel What it is to tew an' strive Just to keep a soul alive.

Aw hate all meean hard graspin slaves, who mak ther gold ther god,-- For if they could grab all ther is, awm pratty sewer they wod.

Here with xxvii schyppes and the moare partt of my peopell I sayling upp ynto the Frith Micklefrith did fynde x or xi Daemouns schyppes asayling whereof had Vol the commaundemente withowt the herborough of Lookingehaven, and by and by did mak syncke all schyppes of the sayd Voll withowt excepcioun and did sleay the maist paart of them that were with hym and hys ashipboard.

Pate maks the fool forget his freaks, maks baxter bodies burn their bakes, And gowkies gie their hame the glaiks, And follow Patie Birnie.

Mak yor wife yor treasure, Trustin her booath day an neet, Sharin grief an pleasure.

Thine throo rooasy morn to neet, Has ta fun some wondrous treasure, Maks thi be for ivver breet?

Awve noa sickness to cause me a pain, An noa troubles to mak mi heart bleed.

Life maks me his spooart, An Deeath cannot even spare time, to turn sich an owd man into dust.

Even if we had owre muckle power, I think we wad mak nae bad use of it.

Sir, you nose very well that evere persun must luk furst at ome, and sartenly such anuther offar mite not have ever hapned, so as I shud ave bin justly to blam, had I not excepted of it when her lashipp was so veri kind as to offar to mak mee hur one uman without mi ever askin any such thing, to be sur shee is won of thee best ladis in thee wurld, and pepil who sase to the kontrari must bee veri wiket pepil in thare harts.

I will put a thousand pounds to his credit and will let him either mak a spune or spoil a horn.

To mak thi what tha art, An dooant forget tha owes a debt, An strive to pay a part.

But tha maks a poor fist when tha offers to sing, An tha plays some detestable pranks.

Mak trewth an honesty yor guide, Tho' some may laff an rail, Fear net, whativver ills betide, At last yo must prevail.

As you know, I went to Shipwright Makim and made a bid for your time since all the other roofers in Velen were busy, too busy even for me.