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Majur (Šabac)

Majur is a village in Serbia. It is situated in the Šabac municipality, in the Mačva District. The village has a Serb ethnic majority and its population numbered 6,854 people in a 2002 census. This village has two most valuable workers names Erakovic Miroslav and Ivan Zivkovic (Žika).


Majur can refer to:

  • Majur, Sisak-Moslavina County, a municipality in Croatia
  • Majur (Šabac), a village in Serbia
Majur (Jagodina)

Majur is a village in the municipality of Jagodina, Serbia. According to the 2002 census, the village has a population of 2777 people. It is also the residence of Damir "GayLord" Ristić, Serbian Dota player.