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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
drum majorette
▪ Brad was a hero on the football field, and Annette cheered him on as a majorette.
▪ Her voice had the pubescent innocence of a junior high school majorette.
▪ The Daughter dodged an elbow thrust, and brought the majorette rod down on the Sandrat's back.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"baton-twirler," 1941, short for drum-majorette (1938), fem. of drum-major (1590s).\n\nThe perfect majorette is a pert, shapely, smiling extrovert, who loves big, noisy crowds and knows how to make those crowds love her.

["Life" magazine, Oct. 10, 1938]

\n(The article notes that the activity "has been going on for about six years now").

n. A dancer who twirls and performs stunts with a lightweight baton, whether as a solo, in a group of majorettes, or in the company of a marching band.

Majorette (toy manufacturer)

Majorette is a French toy manufacturer which mostly produces small die-cast cars, particularly in 1:64 scale. This is about the normal 2.5 to 3 inch size and sometimes Majorette has been called the Matchbox Toys of France. Traditionally, Majorette production was centered in the urban area of Lyon, but models are now made in Thailand.

Majorette (dancer)

A majorette is a dancer, male or female, doing choreographed dance or movement, primarily baton twirling associated with marching bands during parades. Majorettes can also spin knives, fire knives, flags, light-up batons, and fire batons. They do illusions, cartwheels, and flips, and sometimes twirl up to four batons at a time. Majorettes are often confused with cheerleaders; baton twirling is more closely related to rhythmic gymnastics rather than cheerleading.

Usage examples of "majorette".

The Marching Cornhusker majorettes dropped their batons and broke rank, leaving Tommy a clear path to escape.

She went on laughing, and she thrust out her bosom to see if she might not make a good drum majorette, too.

He rolled the Pelikan between' his fingers like a drum majorette with a baton.

Heshie decided to become engaged to a girl named Alice Dembosky, the head drum majorette of the high school band.

Red as her red coat, grinning from ear to ear, throwing her hat in the air and catching it like a drum majorette, she galloped out of the ring, the crowd rising to applaud her.

Jonson pranced, knees high like a drum majorette, did a Nijinsky leap, shot off a flurry of tap-dance pyrotechnics, and ended with a split that transformed him into an inverted silver T and made my groin hurt vicariously.

Drum majorettes in sequins and spangles practiced tossing their batons in the air.

But the girls were lovely and undismayed, shopping in every mad store, striding through those magnetic twilights like drum majorettes, tall and pink, bright packages cradled to their tender breasts.

The town band, which in fact drew players from as far afield as Wilsonville, was very capable, and Saturday’s parade, featuring the band, floats, and a troupe of drum majorettes, was usually counted the highlight of the weekend.

As Nancy had pointed out, the Jefferson Davis High School band and the Twinkling Batons majorettes had been practicing for weeks.

We curved through the bright mile or two of the Strip, past the antique shops with famous screen names on them, past the windows full of point lace and ancient pewter, past the gleaming new nightclubs with famous chefs and equally famous gambling rooms, run by polished graduates of the Purple Gang, past the Georgian-Colonial vogue, now old hat, past the handsome modernistic buildings in which the Hollywood flesh-peddlers never stop talking money, past a drive-in lunch which somehow didnt belong, even though the girls wore white silk blouses and drum majorettes shakos and nothing below the hips but glazed kid Hessian boots.

He might've seen her on the street in Bad Axe or Port Austin, the majorette with the blond ponytail and the perky ass, twirling for the consolidated high school marching band.