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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Distraught, the fat majordomo was bustling into the pineapple.
▪ Liveried guards admitted the majordomo and those he escorted into the marble pineapple.
▪ Meh'Lindi moved closer to the majordomo, her fingers flexing.

n. The head servant or official in a royal Spanish or Italian household; later, any head servant in a wealthy household in a foreign country; a leading servant or butler.


A majordomo is a person who speaks, makes arrangements, or takes charge for another. Typically, the term refers to the highest (major) person of a household (domūs or domicile) staff, a head servant who acts on behalf of the owner of a large or significant residence. Similar terms include castellan, concierge, chamberlain, seneschal, mayor of the palace, maître d'hôtel, head butler, and steward.

The term also refers, more informally, to someone who oversees the day-to-day responsibilities of a business enterprise.

Majordomo (software)

Majordomo is a mailing list manager (MLM) developed by Brent Chapman of Great Circle Associates. It is written in Perl and works in conjunction with sendmail on UNIX and related operating systems. The name majordomo is derived from the Latin "major domus" meaning "master of the house"; in English, the word is used to refer to a large household's chief servant.

The current version of Majordomo is 1.94.5, released 19 January 2000.

The official website warns that it will not work with Perl versions 5.001 and 5.005_01 specifically. It recommends to use Perl 4.036 or the latest version available. Support for Perl 4.036 may not be kept for the future.

Usage examples of "majordomo".

Anna from her vows, and gave them the nuptial blessing at the instance of Don Juan Casanova, majordomo of the Vatican, and uncle of Don Jacob.

Eanes was to be our majordomo, and Cassini would be charged with gathering charms and other magical supplies, such as our wind spirits.

The majordomo is hotfooting it out here, and- Lord Ahl has come down to break his fast.

About the time this attack was occurring near Jalapa, a hacienda near Orizaba was attacked, and the Spanish majordomo was killed, along with indios.

One-Eyed Wong was dressed as the majordomo of a great house, and Fat Fu was attired as a noble nurse, and Master Li and I dazzled the eyes in tunics of sea-green silk that were secured by silver girdles with borders of jade.

Majordomo Tonos and a hastily sent servant brought the Lady Mehleena to the bath chamber.

The rebel captain would much have preferred a quick death from lance or saber, axe or arrow, for Bili of Morguhnwho had right speedily pressed his rightful claim to Speeros Sanderz, the captain and the majordomo, Tonos, who had been found cowering in an old privy pit during the searching for Myronmade no secret of the great delight he would derive from their interrogation, torture and eventual execution.

He informed me, in the blandest manner, that his eminence had himself given his instructions about me to his majordomo, that I would have a lodging in the cardinal's palace, that I would have my meals at the secretaries' table, and that, until I learned French, I would have nothing to do but make extracts from letters that he would supply me with.

All further negotiations are agreed to be directed to her majordomo, one Niklos Aulirios, who is empowered to carry out all contractual arrangements for her, and to have the sanction of the General Belisarius for such actions.

The majordomo sat with hands cupped around a mug of beef broth, a necklace of protective garlic bulging his starched shirt.

The destruction of the patrol boat above Helium the night of the abduction of Sanoma Tora was now quite clear to me, and when Nur An told me later that Tul Axtar had sent experimental fliers to attack Tjanath, I understood why it was that the blue flier in which Tavia and I had arrived had caused such consternation, but the thought that upset my mind almost to the exclusion of the plight of Sanoma Tora was that somewhere in the thin air of dying Barsoom a great Heliumetic fleet was moving to attack Jahar, or at least that was what I supposed since I had no reason to doubt that the message that I had given to the majordomo of Tor Hatan's palace had not been delivered to the Warlord.

But Charles was not the only member of the Merry Majordomos on Delbalso by happenstance.

His Monist career was so successful that he was able to convince two friends in the Merry Majordomos to join.

With most majordomos, they would not have dared to press the matter further.

But even while one of the majordomos was calling out, telling everyone not to go near the still-quaking building, there was a terrific final explosion, the remainder of the stonework of that wing collapsed and crashed down, with a rising of stone dust and muffled cries, and silence descended.