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n. (context zoology English) Any member of the Majidae.

Majid (comics)

Majid is a pan- Arab comic book anthology and children's magazine published in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates by the Abu Dhabi Media Company.


Majid (Majīd and Mājid ) are two closely related names of God in Islam, meaning "Majestic" and "Magnificent". Also used as personal names, as short form of the Abdul Majid, "Servant of the Majestic/Magnificent".

Majid (rapper)

Majid (born in 1975) is a Danish rapper of Moroccan- Berber origin. Residing in Avedøre near Copenhagen, Denmark he was a contributor to Danish act Outlandish, which also hails from Brøndby Strand. Majid contributed to their tours and performed as a special guest in the warm-up for their acts.

In addition to his contributions to Outlandish, he released a solo album Life Knowledge Poetry in 2004.

Majid (film)

Majid is a Moroccan film written and directed by Nassim Abassi, starring Brahim Al Bakali and Lotfi Sabir. The film premiered at the Leighton House Museum with the Mena Film Festival.

Majid (name)

Majid is the transliteration of two male given names; (, , alternatively spelled Majed or Maajid) and (, , alternatively spelled Majeed or Madjid). The latter name has a diacritic, in the strict transliteration, on the "I", which emphasises the long "I" sound in that name's pronunciation.

In Egyptian pronunciation, the "j" is replaced by the Egyptian substitute pronunciation "g" with the names of Egyptian persons reflected as Maged and Magid.

In Turkish transliteration and spelling of Turkish names, it is reflected as Macit (occasionally Mecid, "c" being the Turkish language equivalent of "j".

At times, in Arab and Muslim names, the definite Al- or El- is added to the family name making it Al-Majid, Al-Majed, El-Majid, El-Majed etc.

Al Majed, is also one of the 99 names of Allah in the Qur'an.

Usage examples of "majid".

Captain Majid will accompany you and make his own way home when you are safely in your house.

I shall have someone like Majid breathing down my neck and getting in the way.

The founder of the Omani Sultanate of Zanzibar was Ahmad ibn Majid the Sly, who came to the throne of Oman in 1811--do you remember?

Ahmad ibn Majid survived, but the poison consumed his vital organs and the remaining ten years of his life were spent in constant agony.

Five Ahmads were listed, but there was no entry for a Sultan Ahmad ibn Majid the Sly.

Indeed an Ahmad ibn Majid was cited, but he was mentioned only in a footnote and appeared to be an Arab chronicler.

ISI apprehended Mahmood and Abdul Majid on October 23 and brought them in for questioning.

Mahmood and Majid were in custody and then, suddenly, freed, then reap-prehended.

Cheney and Rice had been getting regular reports on the deepening investigation of Mahmood, his deputy Majid, and UTN, the organization Mahmood helped found.

August campfire, he and Majid had talked to bin Laden and Zawahiri about the global struggle against imperialists and crusaders, of how they are all guided by the will of Allah, how the coming months would be days of great change and excitement.

He made Brigadier General Barzan abd al-Ghafur Sulayman Majid al-Tikriti the commander of the Special Republican Guard forces responsible for the defense of Baghdad.

Lieutenant General Raad Majid al-Hamdani, the II Republican Guard corps commander.

American moves in the south, Lieutenant General Raad Majid al-Hamdani thought he had sized up the enemy.

Abdel Majid Jabari and Ibrahim Ali Arif were digging a latrine trench.

While the trio were in jail awaiting trial, an Arab, Abdul Majid, jailed for an unconnected murder, suddenly confessed the slaying, by claiming that he and a friend had wanted to rape Mrs Arlosoroff.