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Maitre is a French surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Jean-Philippe Maitre (1949–2006), Swiss politician
  • Romain Maitre (born 1988), French motorcycle racer

Usage examples of "maitre".

They also went to the health officer, who likewise promised, in order to oblige Maitre Chicot, to antedate the death certificate.

He lent me a skirt belonging to his servant, for I was almost in a state of nature, and he went to fetch Maitre Chicot, the country watchman who went to Criquetot to fetch the police who came to my house with me.

One morning as he was eating his luncheon with the servants the door opened and the mayor of the commune, Maitre Chicot, appeared, followed by a soldier wearing a black copper-pointed helmet.

Maitre Chicot and his wife, bewildered, received them sorrowfully, and suddenly both of them together began to cry as they approached the first group.

One was an Olympic gymnast, no more than twenty years old, what is usually referred to as coltish, natural blonde naturally, and much given to scenes in restaurants where the maitre d' objected to her carrying a coatimundi on her shoulder.

One large room and a tiny, boltless latrine were all there was to Les Amis Des Vieux Maitres itself.

Maitre Le Brument added: "And I left the house, monsieurs, crying like a fool, so bitterly, indeed, that my coachman turned round to stare at me.

And Rose d'Anjou, a suspect wine at best, is anathema to both Burgundy food and any cheese and most certainly should never do for the crepes, which were excellent, as I told the maitre d'.

He finished his Absolut, ordered another and signaled the maitre d' he was ready for a table.

The Nordic Princess was served by a crew of three hundred, mostly Dominicans and Haitians, with a few obligatory white Englishmen to serve as bell captains and maitre d's.

But remember, Maitre de Montclamart has a horror of the female genitals so you'll have to fend for yourself.

Turning, he saw Cohen being gladhanded by Tom Breneman and the maitre d’, out of eyeshot.

I had Humboldt and Diane to deal with, I had to do it without smoking, and the maitre d’ of the Gotham Cafe would have to take care of his own problems, dog included.

Two hours later, Jenna was still quailing, despite the outward charm of her smile for the maitre d' at Luigi's, the most fashionable of the restaurants owned by increasingly wealthy members of New York's leading Lady of Heaven Temple.

Uncle Ma relaxed somewhat when the elevator doors parted to reveal a smiling, tuxedo-clad maitre d' who led their group through a velvet-papered anteroom into a huge ballroom where more than a hundred Kees stood, each with a small glass of mai tai raised in toast.