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  1. (context Geordie English) most adv. (context Geordie English) most v

  2. (en-archaic second-person singularmay)

Usage examples of "maist".

Fleete, accompanying them, as it is said, with such vvonderfull trauell of bodie, as doubtlesse had he bene the meanest person, as he vvas the chiefest, he had yet deserued the first place of honour: and no lesse happie do we accompt him, for being associated with Maister Carleill his Lieutenant generall, by whose experiences, prudent counsell, and gallant performance, he atchiued so many and happie enterprises of the warre, by vvhom also he was verie greatly assisted, in setting downe the needefull orders, lawes, and course of iustice, and for the due administration of the same vpon all occasions.

Marques of Huntlie desyring the presbyterie to tak tryell of the witches, and consultares with them, and to send to his Lordship the delatioun, with the names of sic as were maist meitt to pass upon the assyse and tryell of them.

Well, tae be quite honest, ah wis awright, in fact ah wis like a fly in the maist deliciously toxic form ay shite ye could get, jist swanning roond the record shops checkin oot aw the Eurotechno stuff.

The Sunday nicht afore last I was preachin straucht intil yer bonny face, and saw ye greitin, and maist grat mysel.

Maister William Havvkins of Plimmouth, in the voyage he made foure or fiue yeares before, when as they did both breake their promise, and murthered many of his men, whereof I iudge you haue vnderstood, and therfore needlesse to be repeated.

For the likes ay us but, maist grasses are just thick cunts who gie ye away oot ay stupidity.

I knew not how to get into it, I sent our Bill to beg Maister Hatfield to be as kind as look in on me some day and when he came, I telled him all my troubles.

Then shalt thou see a great and marvailous dogge, with three heads, barking continually at the soules of such as enter in, but he can do them no other harme, he lieth day and night before the gate of Proserpina, and keepeth the house of Pluto with great diligence, to whom if thou cast one of thy sops, thou maist have accesse to Proserpina without all danger : shee will make thee good cheere, and entertaine thee with delicate meate and drinke, but sit thou upon the ground, and desire browne bread, and then declare thy message unto her, and when thou hast received such beauty as she giveth, in thy returne appease the rage of the dogge with thy other sop, and give thy other halfe penny to covetous Charon, and come the same way againe into the world as thou wentest : but above all things have a regard that thou looke not in the boxe, neither be not too curious about the treasure of the divine beauty.

And then he tooke a pot of immortality, and said, Hold Psyches, and drinke, to the end thou maist be immortall, and that Cupid may be thine everlasting husband.

Ah gentle knight (said then Sir Satyrane)Thy labour all is lost, I greatly dread,That hast a thanklesse seruice on thee ta'ne,And offrest sacrifice vnto the dead:For dead, I surely doubt, thou maist areadHenceforth for euer Florimell to be.

But still continu'd his assault the more,And layd on load with his huge yron flaile,That at the length he has yrent the dore,And made way for his maister to assaile.

The Sunday nicht afore last I was preachin straucht intil yer bonny face, and saw ye greitin, and maist grat mysel.

Among them was maister Rombus a schoolemaster of a village thereby, who being fully perswaded of his owne learned wisedome, came thither, with his authoritie to part their fray.

Ne stayd he, till he came vnto the place,Where late his treasure he entombed had,Where when he found it not (for Trompart baceHad it purloyned for his maister bad:)With extreme fury he became quite mad,And ran away, ran with himselfe away:That who so straungely had him seene bestad,With vpstart haire, and staring eyes dismay,From Limbo lake him late escaped sure would say.

Gilbert in his old age told some cavaliers he got a pass for nowt from Maister Gatherer one time mass he did and he seen his brud Maister Wull the playwriter up in Lunnon in a wrastling play wud a man on's back.