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Maipo (volcano)

Maipo is a stratovolcano in the Andes, lying on the border between Argentina and Chile. It is located south of Tupungato and about southeast of Santiago.

Maipo retains a symmetrical, conical volcanic shape, and is among the southernmost 5,000 metre peaks in the Andes.

Maipo is located within the Diamante caldera, a feature of about 15 km by 20 km size that is about one-half million years old. It rises about 1,900 m (6,230 ft) above the floor of the caldera. Immediately to the east of the peak, on the eastern side of the caldera floor, is Laguna del Diamante, a picturesque lake that formed when lava flows blocked drainage channels from the caldera in 1826. The Diamante Caldera erupted of tephra, 450 ka.

The region's climate is transitional between the drier Mediterranean climate of the peaks to the north and the cold, moist climate of Chilean Patagonia. Hence, while less glaciated than Patagonia, it has more permanent snow (on the wet, Chilean side) than peaks of similar elevation to the north.


Maipo may refer to:

  • Maipo, Chile, a town in Buin, Chile
  • San José de Maipo, a town in Chile
  • Maipo (volcano), a volcano on the border of Argentina and Chile
  • Maipo River, the river that rises on the west slope Maipo volcano and flows through the Santiago Metropolitan Region of Chile
  • Maipo Province, a province in the Santiago Metropolitan Region of Chile
  • Maipo Island
  • Maipo Valley
  • MS Maipo, an Argentine cruise ship rammed and sunk by off the coast of Germany on 14 January 1951
  • Maipo, a code-name for version 7 of Red Hat Enterprise Linux