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The Collaborative International Dictionary
main memory

main memory \main memory\ n. (Computers) The memory in a computer that holds programs and data for rapid access during execution of a program; it usually hold the largest quantity of rapid-access storage in a computer; -- also called RAM ( random access memory. It is contrasted to ROM, disk data storage, cache, registers and other forms of data storage.

main memory

n. (context computing English) The primary volatile memory of a computer, not including memory cache nor persistent disk storage, nor external storage.

Usage examples of "main memory".

And now, almost exactly a year later, my main memory of Super Bowl VIII in Houston is rain and grey mist outside another hotel window, with the same strung-out sound of the Allman Brothers booming out of the same portable speakers that I had, last year, in Los Angeles.

My Main Memory contains much background data on standard operating procedure.

The main memory core's shot, but there's an auxiliary wired into the system.

I am aware of the death struggle taking place within my main memory core, but there is no physical action that I can take to help.

He tilted the eyes down as well, filled the empty holes with absolute black, and dumped the resulting image to main memory.

Checking her watch, she hurried back across the room to the computer terminal, copied the day's work onto a disk, and then scrubbed it from the main memory.

I disconnected myself from the helmet and catheters, got out the survival kit, and rescued Agnieshka's main memory banks from the coffin as per regulations.