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Even Mahri did not know that her mistress slept with a blade beneath the pillow.

There were moments when she did not completely trust Mahri, even though the girl seemed loyal enough.

To Mahri and the sentinels and anyone else she saw in the hallways on her way to Sebestyen tonight, she had to be regal, empress and mother to the future ruler of Columbyana.

Isadora said as she took the empty glasses to a table, where Mahri quickly collected them and rushed from the room.

Between Mahri and Ryona, she had enough of girlish emotions to deal with.

Isadora said as Mahri deposited the armload of fine fabrics on the padded chair that sat in the corner of the room.

Isadora was tempted to tell Mahri that Hern was an inadequate lover with an unusually small male appendage, but she was wise enough to know that tale would come back to bite her.

All she could do was warn Mahri that love was a curse for every woman, not just the Fyne witches, and she must always proceed with caution where the opposite sex was concerned.

Isadora sent Mahri to the kitchen for the ingredients for the tea that Liane needed, and then set about straightening pillows.

Liane and Mahri and countless other innocents would be hurt, maybe even killed, if the rebels overtook the palace.

After Mahri had rushed from the room, Liane looked squarely at Isadora.

He opened the door, only to find Mahri standing in the middle of the room, poised to do battle with the knife he had given her.

Liane and the babies would survive, and she would need Mahri and the nursemaid, at least for now.

If Mahri was all right, then maybe Liane and the babies were safe, as well.