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Mahat may refer to:

  • Mahat, Rapti, a village in Nepal
  • Mahat (surname), a Nepalese surname
  • Mahat Raghavendra, an Indian actor
  • Mahat Gaun, a locality in Nepal
Mahat (surname)

Mahat is an Ekthariya Chhetri surname among Nepalese, of Khasa heritage. The name may have originated when one of the Jumli Malla kings in medieval times made his younger brother, Dharma Malla, chief of staff in the army. This granted Dharma Malla the title of MAHAT (meaning 'The Great'), and as a result, his descendants started using 'Mahat' as their surnames.

Like other Khasa chetris such as Thapa, Basnyat, Karki, Khadka and Rawat, Mahats worship Masta, a local non- vedic deity of the Karnali region. Among twelve Mastas, Khaapar Masta is their Kuldevata. Khasa Chhetris are referred to by their place of origin, and therefore Mahats are also called as Kalikote Mahat.