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pron. (context slang English) (alternative form of my English)


MAH may refer to:

  • Mah, the Avestan language word for both the moon and for the Zoroastrian divinity
  • Malév Hungarian Airlines (ICAO code), the flag carrier airline of Hungary
  • Menorca Airport (IATA airport code), the airport serving the Balearic island of Minorca in the Mediterranean Sea
  • Milli Emniyet Hizmeti, former Turkish government intelligence agency
  • milliampere-hour, often abbreviated as mAh or mA·h, a unit of electric charge
  • Monocyclic aromatic hydrocarbon, a type of chemical compound
  • Museum of Art and History, Santa Cruz, California
  • My American Heart, an American band
  • M.A.H., an honorary master's degree granted ad eundem
Mah (disambiguation)

Mah is the moon figure of Zoroastrianism.

Mah also may refer to:

  • An alternative spelling of Ma (surname)
  • mAh, milli ampere-hour, a unit of electric charge
  • Ljubljana Marshes, occasionally named Mah, meaning "moss" in Slovene


  • Mah, a.k.a. Mann language of West Africa
  • mah, code for Marshallese language of the central Pacific

Usage examples of "mah".

Crittenden, you raise dat wood at mah boy, and you gointer make uh bad nigger outa me.

It wakes up uh whole family uh thoughts, and Ahm gointer speak tuh yuh outa de fullness uh mah heart.

I wek little latah lak as usal do, if dey is one singel idee in mah haid how to git Jodie widout steelin I gonna let tings drif twell dawn an wuhk out de idee.

But if I weks on same ol probem an don know nohow in de whol world how to solbe it I des gonna reech out in de dakniss an tek up dat pissel an bing one shot in mah haid an dat de end fo me an peceful swete peece at lon las.

Massa Tom, he seemed laik he was more special interested in mah mule, Boomerang.

Tucker when de mule kicked his mammy, and any man dat tell me tuh mah face dat he done it he got tuh smell mah fist.

Dis de fust one uh mah chillun tuh jump over de broomstick and Ah means tuh tie de knot mah own self.

Ah come heah wid de determination tuh git mah money uh satisfaction, one.

Youse mah wife and all Ah want you tuh do is gimme uh chance tuh show mah spunk.

Maybe you would eben disremember mah husband, but Ah sho is glad tuh have yuh in our midst.

Jest as we got ter the bottom hit crawled roun front of me and ah didn see hit cause of havin the chillun in mah arms and ah stepped slambang on that snake an hit turnt aroun and bit mah foot.

I done felt so warm dat I jest closed mah eyes, jest fo' a second, not a minute longer, no sah, not a minute.

A streamer bearing the legends Cead Mile Failte and Mah Ttob Melek Israel Spans the street.

An' he end up by sayin' he'd laik t' buy mah mule, Boomerang, an' he wants t' come heah dis arternoon an' talk t' me about it.

For now, accepting the weirdness of things, she closed her mouth, smiled however wonder-ingly, and said, 'Aye, mah brave laddie, exactly like in Brigadoon.