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Magor may refer to the following:

  • Ivan Martin Jirous – a Czech underground poet
  • Joyce Irene Magor – a British geographer and locust expert
  • Liz Magor – a Canadian visual artist
  • Magor a character from the House of Hadorin J. R. R. Tolkien's legendarium of Middle-earth
  • Magor is a legendary ancestor of the Hungarian people, see Hunor and Magor
  • Magor, Monmouthshire – a place in Wales, United Kingdom
  • Magor Farm, a Romano-British villa near Illogan in Cornwall
Place names
  • Breton name for Magoar
  • Cornish name for Maker, Cornwall

Usage examples of "magor".

But at the end of the year she came to me and told me she had given her word to a young farmer of Goldsithney, John Magor by name.

Nor knew I anything against John Magor beyond some stray wildness natural to youth.

Hithlum, but Magor son of Aradan and many of the people passed down Sirion into Beleriand and dwelt a while in the vales of the southern slopes of Ered Wethrin.

Hathol, son of Magor, son of Malach Aradan, entered the household of Fingolfin in his youth, and was loved by the King.

Honor Magor has been resting peacefully for nearly a century, hidden under the tangle of waving grasses and ever-changing flowers at Come-to-Good.

Especially since Raddisma of Magor, the unborn child's mother, was also the favorite consort of His Majesty, Mustafa Eyren, Nabob and absolute ruler of embattled Fluvanna.

Instead he made Bradwen, decurio of the Second Pennon of Galba's Ala, key-keeper of the fort of Magor—although in truth Magor and Derwen were never forts or Vincan cities, only the homes of lords and their people with new walls built around them.