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Magni (Marvel Comics)

Magni is a Marvel Comics character adapted from Magne, a character in Norse mythology, by Dan Jurgens. The character exists in an alternate future in which Thor rules over the entire Earth.


Magni is both a surname and a given name. Notable people with the name include:


  • Caterina Magni (born 1966), Italian-born French archaeologist and anthropologist
  • Cesare Magni (14951534), Italian painter
  • Claude Magni (born 1950), French cyclist
  • Fiorenzo Magni (19202012), Italian bicycle racer
  • Gabriele Magni (born 1973), Italian fencer
  • Luigi Magni (19282013), Italian screenwriter
  • Nicholas Magni (13551435), Silesian theologian
  • Pietro Magni (disambiguation), various people

Given name:

  • Magni Ásgeirsson (born 1978), Icelandic singer/musician and a contestant in the CBS show Rock Star: Supernova
  • Magni Wentzel (born 1945), Norwegian jazz musician

Fictional characters:

  • Magni (comics), a Marvel Comics character
  • Móði and Magni, the sons of Thor and Jarnaxa in Norse mythology