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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Magnetometer \Mag`net*om"e*ter\, n. [Magneto- + -meter: cf. F. magn['e]tom[`e]tre.] (Physics) An instrument for measuring the intensity of magnetic forces; also, less frequently, an instrument for determining any of the terrestrial magnetic elements, as the dip and declination.


alt. (context physics English) An instrument used to measure the intensity and direction of a magnetic field, especially at points on the Earth's surface. n. (context physics English) An instrument used to measure the intensity and direction of a magnetic field, especially at points on the Earth's surface.


n. a meter to compare strengths of magnetic fields [syn: gaussmeter]


Magnetometers are measurement instruments used for two general purposes: to measure the magnetization of a magnetic material like a ferromagnet, or to measure the strength and, in some cases, the direction of the magnetic field at a point in space.

The first magnetometer was invented by Carl Friedrich Gauss in 1833 and notable developments in the 19th century included the Hall Effect which is still widely used.

Magnetometers are widely used for measuring the Earth's magnetic field and in geophysical surveys to detect magnetic anomalies of various types. They are also used in the military to detect submarines. Consequently, some countries, such as the United States, Canada and Australia, classify the more sensitive magnetometers as military technology, and control their distribution.

Magnetometers can be used as metal detectors: they can detect only magnetic ( ferrous) metals, but can detect such metals at a much larger depth than conventional metal detectors; they are capable of detecting large objects, such as cars, at tens of metres, while a metal detector's range is rarely more than 2 metres.

In recent years, magnetometers have been miniaturized to the extent that they can be incorporated in integrated circuits at very low cost and are finding increasing use as compasses in consumer devices such as mobile phones and tablet computers.

Usage examples of "magnetometer".

He sat behind me and watched the magnetometer recorder and scintillometer, and got them repaired when they blew up.

The hardbody sonar array, the seismometers, tomographic systems, and the proton magnetometers must be assembled before work begins.

Behind the creeper two trailers followed, one containing reserve supplies, and the other automatic mapping and prospecting equipment such as magnetometers, radar topological plotters, laser-spectroscope samplers, et cetera.

It did not contain enough metal to set off the courthouse magnetometers and it recorded not to tape but to memory cards, which were downloaded to a computer for replay.

The magnetometers showed a dangerous new magnetic flux around a rock near the center of Nowhere.

Whenever a rock appears or vanishes, our magnetometers record violent magnetic storms.

ITC, they explained to anyone who inquired, was a company that made superconducting quantum devices for magnetometers and medical scanners.

Additional Sites Surveyed Merrimack Many magnetometer contacts around site where famous Confederate ironclad was blown up and destroyed off Craney Island, Portsmouth, Virginia, in 1862.

Instruments--infrared sensors, neutrino detectors, magnetometers, gravitometers, atmosphere sniffers, a hundred kinds of robot bloodhound--would expose the place at once.

In this trial, Ingo was able to psychically describe and affect the operation of a highly shielded superconducting magnetometer buried in the basement of the Stanford University physics building.

The following few hours became an enjoyable blur of information about latex molding techniques, aquameters, nuclear resonance magnetometers and sonar scanning.

As he'd thought, he had carefully degaussed the magnetometer, checked for residual magnetism, and recorded it carefully in the notebook.