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The Collaborative International Dictionary
Magnetic permeability

Permeability \Per`me*a*bil"i*ty\, n. [Cf. F. perm['e]abilit['e].] The quality or state of being permeable.

Magnetic permeability (Physics), the specific capacity of a body for magnetic induction, or its conducting power for lines of magnetic force.
--Sir W. Thomson.

magnetic permeability

n. (context physics English) a measure of the magnetisation of a material in a magnetic field; symbol μ. Materials with values less than 1 are diamagnetic those above are paramagnetic.

Usage examples of "magnetic permeability".

They wanted to define yield and ultimate strength, electrical conductivity and magnetic permeability at varying temperatures, currents, and frequencies.

Whats more, the contact has to be metallic and of a metal with just the magnetic permeability we use on our scaphes.