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Magnetawan is a township in the Canadian province of Ontario, as well as the name of the primary population centre in the township. Located in the Almaguin Highlands region of the Parry Sound District, the township had a population of 1,454 in the 2011 Canadian census.

The core rock samples done by Walfried Schwerdtner in the surrounding area, show mostly foliated Greenville Gniess.

Barbara Hanley, the first woman ever elected mayor of a community in Canada, was born in Magnetawan in 1882.

The community of Magnetawan proper holds the status of designated place in Canadian censuses, separately from the rest of the township. Its population in the Canada 2011 Census was 264. It is twinned with the city of Baltimore, Maryland.

Magnetawan is a historic village with a surrounding municipality that provides various attractions. From the museum to the picturesque waters, are all a part of this municipality. The downtown used to consist of a restaurant named The Magnetawan Inn, also June's Inn, as well as a small hotel/bar, and a General Store. In the summer of 2011, on July 30, the General Store burned down taking part of the Magnetawan Inn with it.

In the downtown, there is now a brand new general store/restaurant built between 2012 and 2013. Also, there is a museum, Lions Pavilion Park, farmers market, little shops, locks/dams, and a LCBO store. In the village, there is a school, churches, golf course named Ahmic Lake Golf Club, post office, a library, the municipality offices, and the municipality pavilion. Magnetawan is also home to many resorts and rentable cottages. Two of the biggest resorts are Woodland Echoes as well as Ahmic Lake Resort, where the Swiss Country House Restaurant is located.