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n. (context Judaism English) (alternative spelling of maggid English)


Magid may refer to:

  • Maggid or Magid, traditional Eastern European Jewish religious itinerant preacher in Judaism
  • Larry Magid (born 1947), American journalist, technology columnist and commentator
  • Lee Magid (1926–2007), American record producer
  • Magid, a peacekeeper magician in the Diana Wynne Jones book Deep Secret.
Magid (Jewish mysticism)

Magid (or Maggid) is a Hebrew word, it is used as a term in Kabbalah describing the Jewish communication with God, whereby an angel or the soul of a saint who died, reveals a living mystical experience, via a dream or a daydream, usually resulting from using magical means. A Magid Torah reveals a person, usually through the Kabbalah, that tells one about future events.

Usage examples of "magid".

Kodon and Suffok and entered the high-tech hex of Magid that the announcement had been made of a course change.

There was a nontech hex between Magid and the hex leading into Pyron, though, which meant a few wasted days sailing past where she wanted to go so that she could put in, travel through half of Pyron, and then back halfway through Quislon toward Alkazar again.

All seemed to be engaged in fishing at some level, indicating that whoever lived in Magid was more likely on the bottom of the sea than near the top, and that these waters were filled with wildlife from that ocean.

Since both Magid and Alkazar are high-tech, can get messages back and forth, no problem, nope nope.