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Maggy (Monica's Gang)

Maggy (original "Magali"), is a character of the popular Brazilian comic book series Monica's Gang. She was created by Mauricio de Sousa, who based the character on one of his daughters, Magali Spada e Souza. Monica, Mary Angela (Jimmy's sister) and Marina were also based on Mauricio's daughters. Maggy has her own comic book, in which there are also stories of her cat, Vanilla.

She received her own comic book in 1989 and is being published uninterruptedly since then.


Maggy may refer to:

  • Maggy Moulach, a creature in Scottish folklore
  • Maggy (Monica's Gang), Brazilian comic book character created by Mauricio de Souza
  • Maggy Whitehouse, British writer specialising in Judaeo-Christian mysticism
  • Maggy (model), a Japanese fashion model
Maggy (model)

, known professionally as , is a biracial ( hāfu) Japanese Canadian model and tarento. She is known for many television shows such as Sport on Fuji TV (2009-), NTV's Hirunandesu! (2014-) and Buzz Rhythm (2015-).