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Mager is the surname of:

  • Georges Mager (1885–1950), French musician
  • Karl Mager (1810–1858), German educator
  • Manuela Mager (born 1962), German figure skater
  • Aviv Mager (born 1953), Israeli cardiologist

Usage examples of "mager".

Heusch, je ziet er zoo mager en hol uit, net of je honger hebt geleden.

And Mager Blakes horses went by jest lickety larup for the Torrent ingine house with old Brown driving, and then Flunk Ham came piling into the church and said, give me that roap and he puled like time, then sum peeple came runing in and said where is the fire, and Flunk he said we dident know, and then we herd the ingine and went out and they was the Torrent and the fountain and lots of men, and they said where in hel is the fire and nobody knowed where it was.