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Magec ( Guanche BerberMa-ɣeq, "possesses radiance" or "mother of brightness" ), in Tenerife, was a deity in the ancient Berber mythology. He or she was god or goddess (actual gender is unknown) of the Sun and the light and also thought to be one of the principal divinities in Guanche religion. According to legend, Magec was captured by Guayota and held him or her prisoner inside Teide; Magec was later liberated by Achamán.

Magec (disambiguation)

Magec may refer to:

  • Magec, Tenerife god
  • MAGEC2, protein
  • MAGEC, remote-controlled spinal rod

MAGEC (pronounced "magic"), or the Ellipse MAGEC Spinal Bracing and Distraction System, is a remote controlled spinal rod used to treat thoracic insufficiency syndrome. It is manufactured by Ellipse Technologies, Inc . MAGEC stands for MAGnetic Expansion Control. Once a surgeon implants the device, he/she can use the MAGEC External Remote Controller to distract (extend) or retract it, adjusting to the patient's growth over time. This reduces the number of repeated surgeries to lengthen the rods, and also is more cost effective.