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magazine article

n. an article published in a magazine

Usage examples of "magazine article".

Her face brightened and she eagerly read the printout of the 1868 magazine article.

The magazine article made it sound as though this was a pretty recent thing, and that just wasn't true.

As he drove across the parking lot toward the busy street, Marty was troubled by the feeling that his life had taken more than merely a temporary turn for the worse with the fugue on Saturday, that the magazine article was yet another signpost on this new dark route, and that he would travel a long distance on rough pavement before rediscovering the smooth highway that he had lost.

At that moment, in fact, I was considering ways I could turn that afternoon's gathering into a big-deal magazine article.

Why worry about a mere magazine article, however important the magazine itself might be?

Gillette claims to have done slow-motion microphotography that shows hysteresis actually works, and, in an Esquire magazine article on this subject some years ago, a spokesman for Bic, one of Gillette's chief competitors, admitted his firm couldn't prove hysteresis didn't work.

I could hear an old man reading a magazine article aloud in an adjacent room.