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Magaš is a village in the municipality of Bojnik, Serbia. According to the 2002 census, the village has a population of 204 people.

Magas (disambiguation)

Magas is the capital of the Republic of Ingushetia, Russia.

Magas may also refer to:

  • Magas Urban Okrug, a municipal formation which the town of republic significance of Magas in the Republic of Ingushetia, Russia is incorporated as
  • Magas, former name of Zaboli, a city in Iran
  • Magās, alternative name of Mazaj, a village in Semnan Province, Iran
  • Magaš, a village in Bojnik Municipality of Serbia
  • Magas, nom de guerre of Ali Taziev, the Ingush commander of the Caucasian Front
  • Magas of Macedon, a Greek Macedonian nobleman and the father of Berenice I of Egypt
  • Magas of Cyrene, grandson of the above, a Greek Macedonian governor and later King of Cyrene
  • Magas of Egypt, grandson of Magas of Cyrene
  • Ljubomir Magaš (1948–1986), Yugoslav amateur boxer, streetfighter, and gangster
  • Magas Airport, an airport in the Republic of Ingushetia, Russia
  • Magas (brachiopod), a brachiopod genus