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Maesa is a genus of flowering plants. It has been placed in the families Primulaceae and Myrsinaceae, as well as a family of its own, Maesaceae. There are about 100 species, the majority of which occur in Malesia, New Guinea, and western Asia.

These plants are vines, shrubs, and trees up to 12 meters tall.

Species include:

  • Maesa alnifolia
  • Maesa angolensis
  • Maesa bequaertii
  • Maesa borjeana
  • Maesa butaguensis
  • Maesa cordifolia
  • Maesa djalonis
  • Maesa emirnensis
  • Maesa indica
  • Maesa japonica
  • Maesa kamerunensis
  • Maesa kivuensis
  • Maesa lanceolata
  • Maesa macrocarpa
  • Maesa mildbraedii
  • Maesa nuda
  • Maesa palustris
  • Maesa picta
  • Maesa rufescens
  • Maesa rufo-velutina
  • Maesa ruwenzoriensis
  • Maesa schweinfurthii
  • Maesa serrato-dentata
  • Maesa tabacifolia Mez
  • Maesa velutina
  • Maesa vestita
  • Maesa welwitschii