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Madin may refer to:

  • Madin (name)
  • Ma'din, a charitable institution based in Malappuram, Kerala, India
Madin (name)

Madin is both a surname and a given name. Notable people with the name include:


  • Billy Madin, English footballer
  • Henry Madin (1698–1748), French composer
  • John Madin (1924–2012), English architect
  • Jon Madin, music teacher
  • Laurence Madin, American marine biologist

Given name:

  • Madin Gish, Russian footballer

Usage examples of "madin".

If Queen Madin knew the truth, would she turn her back on her husband in his time of gravest peril?

Queen Madin is a formidable woman, he had explained in an apologetic and even vaguely foolish tone.

As Myste had said, Queen Madin and Torrent lived in a manor outside the city.

Queen Madin sent the servant for some wine, then gestured her guests toward the chairs.

At last, she could see Queen Madin clearly, and what she saw kept her on her feet.

Simply on that basis, because the contrast between Myste and Elega was so pronounced, Terisa had assumed that Queen Madin would prove to be the parent Elega favored.

Queen Madin, on the other hand, faced Geraden’s uncertainty without blinking.

Or if they did believe it, they would know you were there to make decisions for him, Queen Madin, daughter of the Fayle, the most formidable woman in Orison.

And the Fayle’s two men were already there, along with a groom they had brought from Romish to care for the horses and a servant to look after the needs of the ladies Queen Madin and Torrent.

Come to the disused ballroom this evening, the great hall where King Joyse and Queen Madin were married, and where the peace of Mordant had been celebrated.

She was still thinking about Torrent: the idea of the King’s shy daughter riding away alone in a foolish and dangerous effort to rescue Queen Madin clung to her mind like a splash of acid.

By the time nightfall forced them to halt and make camp, they were well on their way toward making the journey to Orison as Queen Madin had intended it, in three days.

They said that they had messages for you from Queen Madin, your mother.

Constricted with emotion, he rasped, “Because if the men who took Queen Madin were Cadwals or mercenaries disguised as Alends, the attack is aimed at you as well as King Joyse.

Almost at once, however, he retorted, “And Queen Madin has been abducted by Alends-or by men who appeared to be Alends.