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Madiha is a female given name. The origin of the name is Arabic language.

Madiha (singer)

Madiha, born Madiha Khawaja, is a Dutch singer and songwriter of American R&B and Pop music.

Based in the Netherlands, Madiha is known for her feature on the MSN Video reality show The Biz and her opening performance for Grammy Award winning artist Ne-Yo at Heineken Music Hall.

On July 14, 2011, Madiha released " The Invitation," her mixtape executive produced by Young Trey who has produced for Mack 10, Ice Cube, and Fat Joe. The mixtape is made-up of an international production cast including Redd Lights (Iceland based production duo), New Zealand's Ben Walker, ATL native Caddalak Beatz (Nipsey Hussle, Travis Porter), Canada's Beatz Cartel, and Virginia newcomer VQ.

Featured artists include Izza Kizza (Decon Records), C-Ride (Epidemic/ Cash Money Records), and Ariez Onasis (Dice Music Group).

Madiha (disambiguation)

Madiha may refer to:

  • Madiha people, commonly called Kulina people, of Brazil and Peru
  • The Kulina language, also known by Madiha and other names

As a female given name, it may also refer to:

  • Madiha Khawaja, a Dutch singer and songwriter
  • Madiha Yousri (born Ghanima Habib Khalil in 1919), an Egyptian actress
  • Madiha Shah (born Rubina Butt in 1970), a Pakistani actress
  • Madiha Iftikhar (b. 1985), a Pakistani actress and model