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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Madia \Ma"di*a\, n. [NL., fr. Sp. madi, fr. Chilian madi, the native name.] (Bot.) A genus of composite plants, of which one species ( Madia sativa) is cultivated for the oil yielded from its seeds by pressure. This oil is sometimes used instead of olive oil for the table.

Syn: melosa, Chile tarweed, madia oil plant, Madia sativa.

For the furniture piece, see Madia (furniture) For a people of Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra, India see Madia Gond.

Madia is a genus of annual or perennial usually aromatic herbs with yellow flowers, in the tarweed tribe within the sunflower family.Tropicos, Madia Molina

They are sometimes known as tarweeds. The species in this genus are native to western North America and southwestern South America. The name Madia is derived from native Chilean name ("Madi") for one of the members of the genus ( Madia sativa).

  1. Madia anomala Greene - plumpseeded madia - northern CA
  2. Madia chilensis (Nutt.) Reiche - central Chile
  3. Madia citrigracilis D.D.Keck - Shasta tarweed - northern CA
  4. Madia citriodora Greene - lemon-scented madia - northern CA , NV , OR , WA , ID
  5. Madia elegans D.Don ex Lindl. - common madia - northern CA , NV , OR , WA
  6. Madia exigua (Sm.) A.Gray - small tarweed - CA OR WA NV ID MT BC, Baja California
  7. Madia glomerata Hook. - mountain tarweed - mountains of western USA; scattered locales in Canada and in north-central + northeastern USA
  8. Madia gracilis (Sm. ex Sm.) D.D.Keck - grassy tarweed - CA OR WA NV ID UT MT BC
  9. Madia radiata Kellogg - golden madia - CA
  10. Madia sativa Molina - coast tarweed - CA OR WA NV ID BC; scattered populations in eastern Canada + northeastern USA; southern Argentina, southern Chile
  11. Madia subspicata D.D.Keck - slender tarweed - CA
formerly included

see Anisocarpus Harmonia Jensia Kyhosia

  • Madia bolanderi - Kyhosia bolanderi
  • Madia doris-nilesiae - Harmonia doris-nilesiae
  • Madia hallii - Harmonia hallii
  • Madia madioides - Anisocarpus madioides
  • Madia minima - Hemizonella minima
  • Madia nutans - Harmonia nutans
  • Madia stebbinsii - Harmonia stebbinsii
  • Madia yosemitana - Jensia yosemitana
Madia (furniture)

Madia was a piece of furniture used during the High Renaissance period. It stored food and dishes. The madia was a service piece, meaning it was not made for looks, it was made to hold objects and used for a purpose. It would usually be found in the kitchen, not in an open area.

In Italy, the Madia was also a kitchen piece that was used to make bread. The Madia had two parts, the first was a cupboard bottom that could be used to store items. The top part could be lifted up. The dough would be placed in the top portion where it could rise, and then would be baked.

Usage examples of "madia".

Code Five meant complete madia block, and all departmental records would be sealed during the investigation.

Young Calif had a great deal to live up to, Madia thought, recalling some of the men she had dallied with, the finest knights in all of Ariman.

Madia  stayed  very  still,  breathing  quietly,  watching  as  the  soldiers  dragged  all three bodies behind thick brush.