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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Madge \Madge\, n. [Cf. OF. & Prov. F. machette.] (Zo["o]l.)

  1. The barn owl.

  2. The magpie.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

pet form of fem. proper name Margaret.\n\nMADGE. The private parts of a woman.

[Grose, "Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue," London, 1785]


n. 1 The barn owl. 2 The magpie.


Madge may refer to:

Madge (given name)

Madge is a female given name, a short form of Madeline (itself an anglicised version of 'Magdalene' and 'Jeroen'), Marjorie, and Margaret It is also a male surname common in Southwest England. Madge may refer to:


  • Madge Bellamy, American movie actress who was a popular leading lady in the 1920s
  • Madge Blake, American character actress most famous for her role as Aunt Harriet Cooper
  • Madge Evans, American film actress who began her career as a child actress and model
  • Madge Kendal, English actress
  • Madge Sinclair, Jamaican actress
  • Madge Titheradge, Australian actress

In other fields:

  • Madge Bester, the world's shortest living woman
  • Madge Gill, English outsider and visionary artist
  • Madge Oberholtzer, American schoolteacher who was born in Clay City, Indiana
  • Madge Syers, British figure skater
  • Madge Weinstein, Internet personality who maintains Yeast Radio

Fictional characters:

  • Madge, a long-running advertising character for Palmolive dishwashing detergent portrayed by Jan Miner
  • Madge Allsop, the bridesmaid and longtime companion of Dame Edna Everage
  • Madge Bishop, one of the matriarchs of the Australian soap opera Neighbours
  • Madge Harvey, on the ITV programme Benidorm
  • Madge Owens, character in the play Picnic and the 1955 film Picnic
  • Madge Undersee, a character in the Hunger Games trilogy
  • Madge Wildfire, in Sir Walter Scott's novel The Heart of Midlothian
Madge (surname)

Madge is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Charles Madge (1912–1996), English poet and journalist
  • Edward Henry Madge (1901–1970), British malacologist
  • Geoffrey Douglas Madge (born 1941), Australian pianist and composer
  • John Madge, English sociologist, brother of Charles Madge
  • Robert Madge, entrepreneur and technologist
  • Ronald B. Madge (active 1965-2002), Canadian entomologist who worked at the Natural History Museum, London and specialized in the taxonomy of Coleoptera (beetles)
  • Steve Madge, birder, author, and bird tour leader

Usage examples of "madge".

Madge, Brule had told her in that curiously frank interview, that he wanted her, Rue, for a wife.

With an oath, Killer Durgan seized Madge and flung her across the room.

Madge was telling what she had overheard when Durgan and Shires had conferred a few hours before.

Perhaps Madge had seen to that when Durgan had let her look from the window that afternoon.

Killer Durgan stood aghast as Madge fell to the floor, mortally wounded!

The bodies of Durgan, Shires, and Madge had been found in the uptown house.

THE GIRL MADGE CHAPTER X SMALL CAUSES A clock sounded one of the later morning hours of the night as Gower Woodseer stood at his hotel door, having left Fleetwood with a band of revellers.

Present circumstances pictured to Gower the opposing weighed and matured good reason for his choosing Madge, and he complimented himself in his pity for the earl.

Cantering back to that home of the loves of Gower Woodseer and Madge Winch, the thought of his first act of penance done, without his feeling the poorer for it, reconciled Fleetwood to the aspect of the hollow place.

Madge and Gower came to Stoneridge on their road to London three days before their union.

Peggoty and Peg, to say nothing of Margaretta, Gretchen, Meta, Margarita, Keta, Madge.

But then, he reflected, her sister was in service at the vicarage, and all Odder had looked for a match between him and Madge Amber until these McCouls had come to live here.

Thoroughly human, and quite assertive, are the lower characters, the maid-servants and men-servants, Madge Mumblecrust, Tibet Talkapace, Truepenny, Dobinet Doughty and the rest.

And yet suddenly there it was in his hand, wet and coarse and strong, and when they caught hold of the branchless trunk of a hundred-year-old oak that stood in back of the hotel, he was able to tie Madge on.

Madge and Raith caught her arms and let her thrash for a moment, until she was panting and drooping.