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Maden is a town and district of Elazığ Province of Turkey. The mayor is Musa Orhan ( DP). The population is 5164.

Maden (disambiguation)

Maden is a town and district of Elâzığ Province, Turkey.

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Usage examples of "maden".

Always a circle, for life was a circle, and the sky was a circle, and the edge of the world was a circle, and the sun was a circle, and the moon grew to a circle, and that was why the temples at Cathallo and Drewenna, at Maden and Ratharryn, indeed in nearly all the settlements that were scattered across the land, were made as circles.

They had hauled all day, they had even pulled the great sledge up the hill south of Maden, and now they were spent so they left the sledge in the middle of the wood and walked south towards Ratharryn where they expected to be fed.

She still had to slip past the spearmen who garrisoned Maden and cross the swamps, but she felt confident and strong because Lahanna was shining above her and in her hand she held some of the precious power of the sun god that she would give to Lahanna.

He had Mereth take a team of men to cut oaks in the forests around Maden for it was in that settlement that the oaks would be trimmed, cut and made into sledges.

He knew he could not shift them along the direct path to Ratharryn for that crossed the marshes by Maden and climbed the steep hill just south of that settlement, and the big boulders would never pass those obstacles, so he spent that summer searching for a better route.

Drewenna is Stanton Drew, Maden is Marden, Sarmennyn is southwest Wales.

With her they maden alliance by bond, To be in peace, and let her ride and play.

Moment to proceed to Istanbul, there to receive by the Offices of Avraam Maden, in the service of H.

Sara remained at home, a young woman well out of the schoolroom: not yet thirty but old to be unmarried with so good a dowry as Maden seemed able to provide, and her looks and manner were pleasing if in a foreign mode, dark hair and brows striking against fair skin, very like her elegant mother.

And with the shouting, when their song was do,* *done That the fowls maden at their flight away, I woke, and other bookes took me to, To read upon.

To chirche was myn housbonde born amorwe With neighebores that for hym maden sorwe.