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The Madal , used mainly for rhythm-keeping in Nepalese folk music, is the most popular and widely used hand drum in Nepal. The Madal consists of a cylindrical body with a slight bulge at its center and heads at both ends, one head larger than the other. It is usually played horizontally in a seated position, with both heads played simultaneously.

This typical Nepalese percussion instrument is the backbone of most of Nepali folk music. The well-known Nepali musician Ranjit Gazmer introduced this instrument to Bollywood music, when he started working under Rahul Dev Burman, and has used it in numerous Bollywood songs such as 'Hum dono do premi duniya chhod chale', 'Kanchhi re kanchhi re' and many others. There is also a madal drum among certain Adivasi groups.

Usage examples of "madal".

Creohan noticed that Madal kept looking back, but he resolutely refused to copy her, even to see whether they were yet out of sight of her yellow home.

Chalyth broke branches from a low, dry bush and built a fire, and Madal brought out a little food from the sack on her shoulder.

He consented worriedly, wondering whether Madal was still fleeing blindly down the way, or had managed to dive among the grasses also.

Creohan glanced at Madal, but it was plain she had not recognised this unclean wretch.

Creohan, glad in a detached way that Madal was still unconscious and had not heard the last words.

More cheerful, Creohan put his muscles into the climb, but they had not yet left the grass when Madal spoke hesitantly.

He dropped lightly from the ledge, stretched out his arms to bring Madal down, and in so doing saw her bleeding feet.

Hoo, licking his fingers, studied Madal with interest, but made no comment.