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n. (plural of macromolecule English)

Macromolecules (journal)

Macromolecules is a peer-reviewed scientific journal that has been published since 1968 by the American Chemical Society. Initially published bimonthly, it became monthly in 1983 and then, in 1990, biweekly. Macromolecules is abstracted and indexed in Scopus, EBSCOhost, PubMed, Web of Science, and SwetsWise. The editor-in-chief is Timothy P. Lodge. Its first editor was Dr. Field H. Winslow.

Usage examples of "macromolecules".

A random resplicing of human genes with macromolecules scraped off deep-space meteorshe likes to call it stochastic creation.

Virtually any biochemical process, certainly anything that means that neurons are becoming more active or are synthesizing macromolecules, is going to demand energy.

We can crowd more functional capacity into artificially produced macromolecules than you find in living tissue, and use more concentrated energy sources.

The power of fashionable slogans - such as informational macromolecules -and the search for sensational results to feed to press and paymasters swept caution to the winds.

And embedded in the tissues of his throat and nasal passages were gas-converting macromolecules to permit normal breathing.

While the Bauble could theoretically be subdivided into millions of individual macromolecules, it was in fact one super-macromolecule, since the linkages between its theoretical units were themselves molecular in nature.

And a variety of macromolecules have to be imbedded into our body tissues.

The sensors of his life-support system, having detected suitable air around him, automatically deactivated the gas-conversion macromolecules in the linings of his throat and nasal passages, and he went on external respiration.